Servicing Leppington, Georges Canvas was established in 1975 and is now a leading specialist in canvas fabrication, truck tarps, canvas tarp repairs and bult transport coverings.


Auto tarp is an exclusively designed product that we provide to the transport industry through to the domestic market. Our products include automated covering systems for the Leppington transport sector, general industrial coverings, shade sails Leppington, blinds, ute coverings Leppington, canvas trailer coverings Leppington and custom goods.



Industrial Canvas Leppington


Industrial covering solutions are designed and manufactured for the Leppington industrial area that are manufactured to suit the client requirements. Projects can include a variety of services from specialised covers to complete structures or automated systems.


Leppington Shade Sails


Our shade sails provide the Leppington area a suitable range of shade solutions which include Mesh Sails, Water Proof Sails and Retractable Shade Sails. Providing you with flexible options we have a solution that will suit your needs depending the area or weather conditions that it will be exposed to.


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