Roll Tarps


Roll tarp systems operate from side to side of the truck or trailer body. Roll tarps are most commonly used for load types such as Grain / Fertilizers, Bio-solids, Waste transfer and landscape supplies etc.


Truck/Trailer bodies need to be suitable for roll tarp fitment ie: flush corners and suitable tailgates and hinging. All roll tarps require some form of bow or ridge bar support, see below.





The tarp is the length of the body with a front and rear flaps that are connected with ropes and rubber rings. These flaps can require the need to climb up the front and rear of the body, shock cord lifters can be added.


Steel tarp bows are required to support this style of tarp, ie:1500mm centres approx, It is recommended that trailers 8m or longer have a solid centre spreader brace ie: channel or rod.








Hooded or pelmet style roll tarps consist of a fabricated arched aluminium hood that is 100 or 200mm in height. This system also required tarp bows plus a ridge bar support; there are differing combinations available to suit body type or application.


The main advantage of the hooded style roll tarp is there are no flaps / ropes and the driver is not required to leave the ground although many say that flap style tarps make a better long term water seal with the body.





There are mainly two ways of supporting hooded roll tarps















Most roll tarps are controlled and tensioned via the use of a long tubular handle and uni-joint. The uni-joint allows the pipe to be rolled over the width of the body from ground level plus the handle applies levered tension to the roll tarp.


The handle can be located at the front or rear of the body – depending on design. Handles have quick release bracketing for both opened or closed tarp positions.





Razor international have complete motorised systems for roll tarp automation. Mainly recommended for hooded or pelmet style roll tarps as ropes and flaps can cause operation issues.


The tarp is operated by remote control plus on body switch, the system also has spring return systems that control the tarps travel. The razor system is powered by its own 12v battery and controller “one-touch” trickle charge wiring is required. Please see Razor Internationals website for more details.