The Auto Tarp Modular Panel Tarp System has been designed with over 15 years of experience designing / installing and repairing retractable tarping systems.
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Retractable - Standard System

Mechanically driven cable system comprising of a one piece tarp with pockets, steel bows and plastic bow ends. Tarps are supported by profile bent bows designed to clear heaped loads, tarps generally do not touch the truck body’s load.
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Pull Tarps

Pull tarp systems are a holland blind type mesh cover which pulls out from a aluminium housing under spring load.
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Roll Tarps

Roll tarp systems operate from side to side of the truck or trailer body. Roll tarps are most commonly used for load types such as Grain / Fertilizers, Bio-solids, Waste transfer and landscape supplies etc.
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Manual Tarps

Manual rope down truck tarps are custom fabricated to suit tip trucks, table tops, skip bins, waste trailers etc. Tarps can be custom measured or made to clients requirements with reinforced edging and high strength eyelets and ropes , shock cord or rubber rings etc.
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