The Panel system nylon plastic bow ends have been custom designed and moulded from engineering grade nylon. The plastic blocks are also designed from U.V resistant and Teflon filled nylon that greatly increases the plastic’s life span plus the performance of this component.


The unique design feature of the panel bow end is the quick release slide that allows it to be removed from the system cables. The bow end has a two-piece slide that when two screws are released the slide opens to release the bow end from the system cable.


This feature means that the component can be replaced without the need of de-cabling the system as is required on other systems available.


The bow end design also improves on existing designs as the bow does not require a flat leg for bow end fixing, the panel bow extends upward from the outside of the truck body – Greater load clearance. The system cable height has also been lowered by 13mm or 1/2 inch below the truck body top rail height.


This helps reduce damage to top cables from loader impact. All panel bow ends are the same shape and type, therefore, every bow has a side leg that prevents system from moving side to side plus allows tarp to extend downward for PVC systems.



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