• A single cable and pulley system that is directly driven via a vee grooved pulley either crank handle or motor driven.


  • The one cable drive is our preferred drive type as the system cannot misalign “crab walk” due to the fact that there is only one cable and that cable is driven at one point. The cable tension is also applied evenly throughout the single cable.


  • The cable is driven directly therefore there is no split drive, i.e Belts.


  • Certain Auto-tarp motor options are only available in one cable drive i.e  Gear-Reduction / Quick Release over-ride handle.


  • Low clearance running gear “75mm gaps approx” is also available in one cable drive and not available in twin cable shaft designs suit gaps less than 125mm between body and truck cab.







  • Separate cables either side of truck body that are driven via a bearing mounted drive shaft.


  • Drive shaft is driven via a vee-belt crank drive or motor driven chain drive.


  • Individual cable tension rear brackets.


  • Custom uni-joint split drive suited to hook bins etc.



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