The Auto Tarp Modular Panel Tarp System has been designed with over 15 years of experience designing / installing and repairing retractable tarping systems.


Our aim was to develop a system that would help resolve issues with the existing styles of retractable tarping systems. The main feature of the Panel systems is that the tarp is made up from individual tarp sections “Panels”. This feature allows for tarp repairs to take place without the need of removing the entire system from the truck body plus removing all bows and bow ends.


This benefit has seen repairs that would normally require a system removal / repair and reinstall of 6-8 hours be reduced to a 1 hour service. This greatly reduces repair cost and time truck is off the road. 


Fleet clients or clients from distance can now choose to carry spare tarp panels, bows and plastic bow ends for their own repairs. All our taping systems are labelled with an identification serial number for fast identification of sizes and full system details.


One of the most outstanding features of the panel systems is the overall appearance and tension of the tarp itself, which also greatly increases the life of the tarp and system.