Tarp panels are available in Mesh and PVC to suit either 90% or 100% models. All panels are PVC welded with special edging that allows panel to slide into our aluminium extruded tarp bow with very little effort. Panel ends are double reinforced for extra strength and longevity.


Mesh panels are available in black and colours by special request, PVC panels arefabricated from 900gsm side curtain PVC and carried in a standard colour range including; Black, Red, Blue, Green, Marone and grey. 


We aim to carry stock of all panels for fast re-order or repair service, all systems are labelled with a system serial number.


The panel sides are double reinforced and also have a special barrier material inserted to protect the tarp from wear from the systems drive cables.


This has been a major break through as tarp wear from systems steel cables is seen on all retractable systems plus the nature of how retractable tarps bunch up when in the forward position, mainly pvc systems.


All panels are designed with a flat spring inserts that lifts panel upward away from system cableand truck body top rail.

 This feature helps reduce tarp wear and allows system to stack up tighter when system is retracted forward which helps prevent system being impacted by loaders.


The controlled uplift of the tarp panel also reduces the load on the system drive which reduces the occurrence of cable slip or motor stall from over load, especially with PVC and cold weather climates. Systems stack up at least 20% tighter with the presence of panel up-lift springs.



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